As told to me when i was a child king:

Three missionaries were in a foreign land trying to convert the natives. One day as the missionaries were walking they were taken hostage by the natives who then took them to the king. The King tall, dark and proud looked at the three scared missionaries and after a long silence the king asked the first missionary, "Death!? or BungaBunga?" the first missionary looked around, worried and not knowing what bungabunga was he replied, "BungaBunga". 10 natives then took him, strapped him to a tree and savagely rear ended the missionary and then let him go. The king then looked at the second missionary and spoke, "Death!? or Bunga Bunga?" The missionary stood thinking, "bungabunga doesnt seem too bad", he then answered the king, "Bunga Bunga!" Quickly he was grabbed, strapped to the tree and was savagely raped analy by 20 natives. He was destroyed but set free, the missionary could barely walk, it was a scene of shear horror. Finally the king addressed the last missionary, "Death!? or Bunga Bunga?", the missionary thought, there's no way he can survive that, he didnt want to live if he had to go through bunga bunga. He boldly answered the king, "Death!?" to which the king quickly replied, "DEATH!!!! BY BUNGA BUNGA!!!"

This page is dedicated to the Native King of Pogo Pogo, who invented the savage art of Bunga Bunga. May he live a thousand years and his memory forever.

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need good shows to go to
good waves to surf
good concrete to skate

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